400310 Multi Sized Board H-Frame

400310 Multi Sized Board H-Frame
Item# SBHFrame

Feature your small and standard sample boards and literature in one powerhouse display. Its heavy gauge tubular framework and heavy duty "D" hooks and side supports keep your multi sized boards neat and orderly. Keeping your literature in pristine condition is important--so important in fact that we've designed a special pocket just for it. Our "special" pocket is designed to keep your literature from curling forward and bending the corners. Casters allow the display to be moved to new locations for maximum marketing impact and easier floor cleaning. Made in the USA

  • Display Dimension - 55"H X 29"W X 24"D
  • Pocket Dimensions - (6) 8 1/2"W X 1"D (2) 4 3/16"W 1"D (1) 5 5/8"W X 1"D
  • Actual Weight - lbs
  • Shipping Weight - XXXlbs Ships in 1 carton